Tender Points Documentary

A couple years ago, my friend, Lina, asked me to help capture her journey as she tried a treatment for fibromyalgia. Before coming aboard the film, I didn’t have much of an understanding for what fibro was and the pain that Lina went through on a daily basis with this invisible illness. I’ve been inspired…


You can catch a glimpse of me on Season 3 Episode 6 of Westworld as “Hysterical Woman.” Huge thank you to John Papsidera & Kim Winther of Automatic Sweat for casting me in one of my favorite shows!

Demon Slayer – Naho & Hinaki

So happy to join the incredible cast of Demon Slayer as Naho Takada and Hinaki Ubuyashiki.

It’s Pony!

Super excited to join the cast of #itspony as Polly in the episode “Stompy” that just aired Saturday on @Nickelodeon! Had the pleasure of voicing her as well as a couple other characters!

SAO Interview

Deneen Melody(Ronie) and I (Tiese) had such a blast chatting about our characters and Sword Art Online with Kari Lane on AfterBuzz TV! You can check out the interview here: