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Reservoir Dolls – Chicks Flippin’ The Script

Kimberly Woods Reservoir Dolls Chicks Flippin Script

Episode 2 our Chicks Flippin’ The Script series is here!   Chicks Flippin’ the Script – Girls doing guy movies. A parody of the original Reservoir Dogs Trailer. Created by Kasserole Productions Kimberly Woods, Andrew Jordan, Stefanie Chin and Scott Forrester In association with Winky Dink Media (check out his hilarious Cartoon Hook Up Series! I…

Dad Teaches Sons a Rap Lesson

Check out this music video parody I worked on with my friend comedian Bruce Fine. If you love 80s-90s rap, you’ll get a kick out of it.

My First Worldcon

My First Worldcon

This August I attended my very first Worldcon in Reno, Nevada. I drove up from LA with storypilot which somehow turned into a 12 hour excursion instead of the expected 8 (albeit we did stop at an outlet mall but not for that long). By the time we made it to Reno we drove straight…