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Outer Worlds Trailer – Over 4m views!

So thrilled to be a part of The Outer Worlds trailer, which premiered at the 2018 Game Awards!  Special thank you to my mentor and fellow mocap artist Richard Dorton and of course Halon entertainment. 

Distribution secured for BnB Hell!

Distribution secured for BnB Hell!

Check out the official trailer for BNB Hell coming 2017! I star in and co-produced this film with an amazing team of folks.

Chicks Flippin’ The Script LOTR Parody- Coming Soon

Kimberly Woods Actor

Next weekend, we’re wrapping up filming our latest episode of Chicks Flippin’ The Script, which is a LOTR Parody! I get to play the female version of Frodo 😉 I can’t wait to share it with you. We’ve got some awesome ladies involved.

Reigning Day – Training Day/Star Wars/Disney Parody

Kimberly Woods Actor Chicks Flippin Script

Our latest Chicks Flippin’ The Script video is out! A parody of the original Training Day trailer with Disney Princesses including Princess Leia.

Ghost Lusters – A Ghostbusters Parody

Kimberly Woods Actress Los Angeles

The latest Chicks Flippin’ The Script video is out and it’s a Ghostbuster parody. Being a huge Ghostbusters fan, I was excited to make this with the Kasserole team!  Based on the Ghostbusters 1984 Trailer and the paranormal romance craze that swept teens worldwide, the video imagines the Ghostbusters as facilitating ghostly romance, versus busting spooks….