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Theatre West

I recently joined Theatre West, which has been a really great experience so far. Betty Garrett, may she rest in peace, was a member. She taught the musical theatre workshop on wednesday nights. I unfortunately did not get the chance to meet her or take her workshop because my acting class with Ted Brunetti is on wednesday nights. I really wish I had gotten the opportunity to meet such an inspiring woman.

It’s great to be a part of a theatre with so much history. A lot of the members have extensive experience in the business and I hope to soak in some of their knowledge. Right now a group of us are working on putting together 10 minute pieces that we write ourselves for a showcase in June. I’ll keep you posted.

There have been so many major events going on in the world this year. People from Egypt, Tunisia, Bahrain, Yemen and Libya standing up for their freedom against authoritarian rule. The earthquakes in New Zealand and most recently Japan with over 20,000 missing or dead. My thoughts and prayers are with them all.