About Me

I love performing whether it’s in front of the camera, behind the mic, on the stage or in the volume.

Credits include starring roles in the film BNB Hell and the animated Barbie Star Light Adventure, as well as appearances in television series like Westworld and Barry, and commercials for Edmunds and Verizon. I am an experienced animation, video game and commercial voiceover artist, and have been a member of Theatre West in LA.

Lately, I’ve been writing and producing projects from web series to short films and documentaries. My goal is to continue creating content that stimulates audiences.

What You May Not Know

I’m originally from the Midwest, but mostly grew up in the little state of Delaware. I attended Princeton University, where I studied neuroscience and theatre and was in a belly dancer in a troupe called Raks Odalisque. I come from a multiracial family. My father is African-American, and my mother is of Mexican, Native American and Irish descent.

I love all things science fiction and fantasy from Asimov’s Foundation to Jemison’s Broken Earth trilogy. I’m a martial artist, yogi, and D&D adventurer.


Check out my demo reel in the video section.