Daughters of DC Podcast

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Conspiracy. Espionage. Hacking. High School. Just your average day in Washington. Stream Daughters of DC, a new YA political thriller and lock into a new world brought to you by the…

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Legends of Runeterra

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So excited to announce that I voice a few characters in the latest expansion of Legends of Runeterra - Spacey Sketcher, Lunari Duskbringer & Silver Sister. Look at that beautiful…

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Wasteland 3

InXile Entertainment just released Wasteland 3! I had the pleasure of doing the mocap for Liberty Buchanan (featured in the trailer below), Angela Deth, and Jodie Bell for the cinematic…

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Scarlet Odyssey

I join an ensemble of narrators for this delightful fantasy book by CT Rwizi. You can check out the audiobook here. https://www.audible.com/pd/Scarlet-Odyssey-Audiobook/1799755657

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Virtual VO Panels

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I was recently part of the Chillin' with Voice Actors panel along with amazing VO talents - Jennifer Hale, Imari Williams, Krizia Bajos, Dave Mitchell and Richard Tatum. The panel…

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