CAZT – Los Angeles

I recently cast my short film Heartprints at CAZT studios. It was a great experience and I wanted to share some feedback for those who are looking to cast a project there or for actors who may have an audition there.

If you're a producer or an actor/producer like me who's casting their project, CAZT is pretty awesome. It's centrally located in West Hollywood so it's easy for most actors to get to. Best of all it's FREE. You just go here to sign up and create a casting breakdown for actors. You can email them for whatever slot you'd like to audition actors in and if it's free it's yours. They have different size rooms so if you know you're going to be needing a lot of space you can request to have one of the bigger rooms if it is available. The best part of casting at CAZT is that they provide you with the camera equipment to record the auditions and then they upload it online so you can watch the auditions later. The only catch is a simple one. You just have to write three lines of feedback for each person you audition. That way if the actor has a CAZT account they can benefit from reading the feedback you have given. 

If you're an actor in LA, then you've undoubtedly been to CAZT. I've been there to audition for projects from student films to national commercials. If you haven't been yet, I'd suggest to give yourself time to park and walk there, especially if you're going on a weekday. There is street parking. I'm pretty sure if it's the weekend you can park right on Formosa (CAZT is located at 916 N. Formosa Ave). If it's not then you can normally find parking on Willoughby or Romaine. Once you walk in there is a board on the left-hand side for you to see what room your audition is being held in. You'll be asked to provide an email when you sign in for your audition. This is so if you have a paid CAZT account you can log in later to see your audition and feedback the casting director has given. You can also submit yourself for Los Angeles auditions that are posted on there. I'd recommend signing up at least for the free account on CAZT. That way you can upload your headshot and resume and casting directors will be able to see them when they're reviewing your audition later.

Hope this helps!