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Mintrix & the Elven Figurine

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If you know me, you know I love fantasy! This summer I crowdfunded, produced and began filming a short film called Mintrix and the Elven Figurine. It’s being done on the SAG-AFTRA Short Project Agreement which is non-struck work, and I get to play Mintrix Vandalore, a character I’ve been developing for the last 5 years. You can check out the pitch video we did for it below and the full Seed & Spark page here (where you can still sign up for updates on our film by clicking “follow”).

Mintrix Pitch Video

And here’s a teaser video featuring me and a dear friend of mine, the legendary voice actor, Dave Fennoy!

We successfully did our first full day of production in August, but had to reschedule one of our days due to the hurriquake that hit Los Angeles. We’ll be back in production in October, and I’m excited to get back to playing this mysterious and complicated character.