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Reservoir Dolls – Chicks Flippin’ The Script

Episode 2 our Chicks Flippin’ The Script series is here!


Chicks Flippin’ the Script – Girls doing guy movies. A parody of the original Reservoir Dogs Trailer.

Created by Kasserole Productions
Kimberly Woods, Andrew Jordan, Stefanie Chin and Scott Forrester
In association with Winky Dink Media (check out his hilarious Cartoon Hook Up Series! I voice some of the characters)

Ms. Blonde – Stefanie Chin
Ms. White – Kimberly Woods
Ms. Pink – Allison O’Malley
Ms. Orange – Tasha Tacosa
Ms. Blue – Annie Sims
Ms. Brown – Chloé Rosenthal
Josie – Amber Wines
Waitress – Stephanie Crowley

Written by: Stefanie Chin
Directed and Edited by: Andrew Jordan
Produced by: Scott Forrester, Stefanie Chin, Andrew Jordan, Kimberly Woods

Music by: Mark Maxwell

Special Thanks: Jared Winkler, Mom’s BBQ House, Nick Fontenette, Mike Forrester