Tender Points Documentary

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A couple years ago, my friend, Lina, asked me to help capture her journey as she tried a treatment for fibromyalgia. Before coming aboard the film, I didn’t have much of an understanding for what fibro was and the pain that Lina went through on a daily basis with this invisible illness. I’ve been inspired by her strength and by the stories of other fibro warriors we’ve met along the way.

Recently, we were able to connect with fibro warriors through social media who volunteered to watch our latest cut of the film. Their feedback was incredible! They all identified and felt seen and heard in so many ways. We are so grateful for their responses and their support! 

Originally, this film was intended to be a short, low-budget passion project. But after receiving such a strong response from the fibromyalgia community, we have decided to make this story of pain and hope as beautiful as it can be.

On National Fibromyalgia Day, we launched an Indiegogo for finishing funds for the film. Watch the trailer for our documentary and help spread awareness of fibromyalgia. https://igg.me/at/tenderpointsdocumentary.