The Wheel of Time

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Just a little over 6 weeks to go until 2010! Can you believe it? I can’t. Seems like every year time somehow magically moves faster and faster. The wheel of time turns and the wheel weaves as the wheel wills. Last night at Vroman’s Bookstore in Pasadena I had the opportunity to meet the fantasy author Brandon Sanderson and have him sign The Gathering Storm, book 12 of the Robert Jordan series The Wheel Of Time. I’m only on book 8 right now, so I have 3 more books to go! The original author Robert Jordan passed away last year and his wife Harriet chose Brandon to finish his last book – which will actually be a trilogy. You might think this is cheesy, but my boyfriend and I read the books out loud. It’s so much fun playing the different characters of the series, each lovable in their own way. Among some of the main characters that I voice are Egwene, Mat, Nyneave and Min. I don’t know who I could play if this was ever turned into a series, but I’m told there is a character in later books that I could do, so I can’t wait to be introduced to her. Among other fantasy authors I read are George R. R. Martin, whose series Song of Ice and Fire is being made into an HBO series and Patrick Rothfuss. I love the worlds they create. My only advice to them, haha, would be to create more characters that I can play because it’s always a struggle to find someone who looks like me in their worlds and if I do find someone, they are most often foreigners or islanders and not main characters.;)