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Wielders: The Journey Begins is Avail!

The audiobook of Wielders: The Journey Begins is now on sale at Audible, Amazon and iTunes. I had lots of fun narrating this fantasy adventure for kids which was written by a father/daughter team – Lucas McWillams and Sophia McWillliams. This is book 1 of the Wielders series so we there are more audiobooks to come and of course they are available as e-books on Amazon as well!

Summary: Transported to another world, five middle school friends become Wielders of magic creatures called phasers. Together they form a league team called the Dreamers to battle other teams using their phasers. Just as the Dreamers are starting to figure out this new world, they have to battle a monstrous phaser to save a terrified little girl. Will the Dreamers have the courage to face such a powerful opponent? And will their new phasers be up to the fight?